font and image friday

lomax-cover I am a font and vintage image junky. Since the era of the internet (yes .. I am old enough to remember having to go to the library to search for images. Microfiche anyone?) I am blown away at how many sites there are with thousands of digitized images. Library of Congress is obviously the pinnacle of catalogued data. All pictured here are from the Lomax Collection. Aren't they wonderful?

There have always been free fonts on the world wide web, but these days really really good type designers are offering their work for free or for a small donation. Lost Type has gorgeous, incredibly meticulous fonts. Featured here are Wisdom Script and Homestead.

Design hints:

Homestead begs to be in a light color over an image due to the fabulous transparent patterns imbedded in it's display mode. Any font in all caps, particularly a squatty font, should be kerned out. I have Homestead up to 200. All-cap fonts also look great with structured script fonts. Wisdom is perfect as is, or great layered with its own outline. A quick note when using hairlines (like those on either side of "collection") ... always go with 0.5 stroke or lower. A thick hairline tends to clunk-up a layout.

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