industrial chic

indust-chic-1 Pinterest is a gigantic black hole of fabulous stuff. I hope that the creators are rolling in money because it was a brilliant fix for creative people like me. My bookmarks don't go on forever now! Everything is filed away with a picture.

I have noticed that Pinterest has really allowed me to hone my style. I am drawn to the same design aesthetics over and over. One of those aesthetics is industrial chic. I love that it can be both feminine and masculine; that you can incorporate really old objects with new ones; that the generally neutral palette does so well with pops of color . Some themes that seem to run throughout the "industrial look": a dark/light balance, galvanized furniture or accent pieces, large artwork or galleries, ethnic prints in rugs or fabric, natural/worn wood, black window trim, industrial lighting, old signage or type as artwork.

indus-7 industrial-6 indus-chic-5 indus-chic-4 indus-chic-3  indus-chic-2

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