vela adventures

I have been so excited to share this work! A couple of moms from our elementary school have an amazing business called Vela Adventures. The two ladies were jealous of all of the fun things their kids got to do after school and at camps (ropes courses, archery, trampolines, snow shoeing, hiking, rock climbing, zip lining, etc.) so they decided to create a place that women could easily do all of those things. Their outings have been so well received that they have been featured twice on our local news. The actual word "vela" means sail.  It is a constellation in the ship Argo from Greek mythology. They are giving women the sails they need to be spontaneous, fun and adventurous!

I had the privilege to create a new brand look for Vela. Their existing logo was fine, but they wanted it to be a bit more personalized. The first four looks are what were presented. They went with the first (it was close to their old logo) but changed the colors. You can see a few materials that we created after the logo was landed on. Next up ... their website!

vela brand 4-up

vela brand board newvela brochure in template v2-1 vela brochure in template v2-2