blowing kisses valentine print

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Thanks to Pinterest, it seems like every holiday is now full of "printables". This is my first venture into this world. I am not sure how I feel about it, but I am happy to make my little holiday girl happy! M wanted to give bubble gum and Hershey's kisses. And she wanted to say "blow you a kiss". We were a bit skeptical about the first two words of that phrase, so we rearranged it to "blowing kisses your way". I love how it turned out!

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To download the PDF, click here >>> blowing kisses printable. There are 8 valentines to an 8.5 x 11 sheet. Each one has small grey trim lines to help you cut. Enjoy!


the great indoors

Print Our five year old LIVES for holidays. She often asks if we can join all religions so that we can share their celebrations. Her birthday is the be-all end-all of yearly parties. I dropped the ball BIG time last year and had a small gathering of friends with very little hoopla. So this year we had to make up lost ground. She chose a camping party, which can be difficult in the middle of November. The Great Indoors was the theme. Our fireplace became the campfire to roast s'mores. We made a teepee out of a drop cloth. Michael's had animal masks to decorate. And bead necklaces were a favorite craft. The favors were firefly jars ... mason jars with small dots of glow-in-the-dark paint.

After all the guests left, M said "Mom, what do we do now that my birthday is over?". Start planning for next year. I should actually start planning her wedding. Visit here to see my prep board for the birthday.

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industrial chic

indust-chic-1 Pinterest is a gigantic black hole of fabulous stuff. I hope that the creators are rolling in money because it was a brilliant fix for creative people like me. My bookmarks don't go on forever now! Everything is filed away with a picture.

I have noticed that Pinterest has really allowed me to hone my style. I am drawn to the same design aesthetics over and over. One of those aesthetics is industrial chic. I love that it can be both feminine and masculine; that you can incorporate really old objects with new ones; that the generally neutral palette does so well with pops of color . Some themes that seem to run throughout the "industrial look": a dark/light balance, galvanized furniture or accent pieces, large artwork or galleries, ethnic prints in rugs or fabric, natural/worn wood, black window trim, industrial lighting, old signage or type as artwork.

indus-7 industrial-6 indus-chic-5 indus-chic-4 indus-chic-3  indus-chic-2

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