the wine goddess

While in Chicago, T and I worked with Rick. Within the first few weeks of our job, he announced that I needed to be friends with his wife. And he was right. The first time I met Diana Hamann she compared our wine to Dolly Parton. She is hysterical, real and a great mom. She is also an incredible expert on wine. After working in for she ventured out on her own, working as a sommelier and teacher in Chicago. She opened The WIne Goddess in Evanston, IL in late 2012. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to revamp her logo. wg for blog

I loved the image of Venus as the goddess, but did not love that it begged to always be in the upper left hand corner. Below was my original presentation to Diana.

wine goddess logo page


The new round "seal" can be placed anywhere. And the type works well with so many of their materials.

wg material for blog

We miss seeing the Hamanns, but are so thankful for that fateful introduction. And if you are ever in Chicago, you MUST stop by the store. If you are worried about your kids being bored, there is a train table to keep them occupied while you imbibe.


kojo designs

kojo rejects My friend Kirsten is so ridiculously talented. Every party she throws is an incredible "Martha Stewart" experience. From the drink bar to the party favors to the amazing decor, it always look beautiful. Kirsten and her sister run the blog Kojo Designs. I am always so blown away with their expertise on cooking and sewing and everything crafty! Two years ago they asked me to redesign their look. Above are the first four logos. The top brown hexagon below was also presented. They brilliantly combined elements from a few to make an even better brand look. If any of you know the blog world, it is always changing (much like the look of my blog) so they have a new beautiful look since then. I love working for people I love and admire!

kojo 3